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Recreational Property owners definitely have something special in their possession. When looking to sell your recreational property, auctioneer Myers Jackson and his network of America’s Land Auctioneers are the professionals to trust with the job. There is so much more to selling a recreational property than meets the eye, and it takes a well seasoned and experienced auctioneer to do the job correctly. Myers Jackson will ensure that you get the right buyers and the highest price for your recreational property!


As a recreational property auctioneer, Myers Jackson and his many connections of America’s Land Auctioneers take the long wait out of the selling process. They have the talent and ability to attract pre-qualified prospects who are serious about buying recreational property immediately. The auction process expedites the selling of your recreational property, so no more waiting around for people to make serious offers! The competitive spirit of auctions drives buyers to bid higher and more aggressively, giving you the market value and more for your recreational property. Selling your property at auction allows you to sell on your terms, and there is no need for any long and frustrating negotiations. As the auctioneer, Myers Jackson does it all for you! You can get the price you want for your recreational property with the help of Myers Jackson!

Recreational Property AuctioneerRecreational properties are such a varied and complex area of real estate, and it takes a highly qualified professional to sell them correctly. Myers Jackson and his network of America’s Land Auctioneers understand the ins and outs and the many complexities of selling recreational properties at auction. For anyone looking to sell their recreational property, there is no better auctioneer than Myers Jackson. As an experienced master of auctions, he has the tools and skill to bring in the best buyers and the ability to get you the very highest price for your recreational property.

American Recreational Property Factoid:
The recreational property market is closely tied to the health of the overall economy. Nearly 60 percent of all land in the U.S. is privately owned.

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