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Recreational vehicles (RV’s) are a terrific mode of travel during the family vacation.


No need to search for a hotel. Your accommodations are traveling with you. Stocking the cupboards with some essentials at the supermarket prior to traveling saves money, too, since no need to hit up the drive-thru.  

Also, traveling via RV means the family vacation can take place anytime during the year. Whether in summer, fall, winter or spring, the time is always right to hop in an RV and travel.  

 Now, how is this beneficial for the person who does not own an RV? Simple. Buy an RV Park. Such as the Red Deer Villa RV Ranch at 2100 Montagu Avenue in Pampa, TX.  

As a matter of fact, the options abound on this property of more than four acres. To begin with, 28 RV hookups. Plenty of room to accommodate travelers heading north or south through the Texas panhandle. Even those heading to the east or west.  

In fact, the Texas panhandle offers some exquisite sky views. Unhindered by trees sunrises span the entire horizon. The sunsets seem to last longer when there are no tree obstructions at dusk. The stars blanket the sky in sparkling splendor as far as the eye can see. Meaning those who pull in and hook up at Red Deer Villa RV Ranch are in for a spectacular treat regardless of the time of the year.  

Texas Panhandle Auctioneers Pampa Texas

Of course patrons will be interested in knowing the accommodations the RV Ranch offers. A definite is showers, yet there is no wash house. Although there is no pool at the moment, there is the possibility to purchase the adjacent property. Perhaps that adjacent property may be an ideal location for a pool and recreational area.  

Indeed the RV Ranch includes an office on the grounds. Property improvements include cable, city sewer and water and a possible manager’s house.  

Therefore, plan to attend the live auction conducted by Myers Jackson, America’s Auctioneer.

The auction will take place on Tuesday, October 9th at 11am.


Download the FREE Myers Jackson bidding app or visit https://myersjackson.hibid.com. You must register for the auction, and allowing push notifications allows for receiving updates as the auction approaches.

As always, for any questions about this possible income producing property, Myers Jackson can be reached at 844-400-AUCTION, that’s 844-400-2828.  


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