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“Hello and thanks for considering Myers Jackson for your marketing education needs. The “Marketing Classes” page’s Mission is to provide information to real estate Auctioneers and Brokers about marketing techniques, using step-by-step instructions and sharing practical knowledge and tips.

Videos of auction calls, each focusing on a specific topic within the auction marketing category, are shared below. To go full-screen mode, click on the little white arrows in the bottom right hand side of the video. Your feedback is appreciated so please let us know what you think and feel free to suggest training topics you would like to see covered in the future. Thanks again for visiting and enjoy the videos!”


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Improve Campaign ROI and Marketing: Learn advance strategies and proven techniques from an Auctioneer to drive more traffic, produce better bids and increase results on your auction marketing.

Sharpen Skills: As the digital landscape and the auction industry continue to evolve, new marketing skills must be constantly developed. Learn how to employ cutting-edge strategies in your auction marketing.

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Auction Marketing Skills Training Videos

YouTube Auction Marketing Skills Presented on Auction Calls

Hosted by: Auctioneer Myers Jackson | Presented by: Google+ Guy Jeff Ragan

How to Optimize a YouTube Video and Capitalize on 15 Ranking Factors