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 Florida Property Sales

Need a Marketing Plan

The Source for Detailed Marketing Plans to sell property in Florida, Georgia, Alabama or any state in the United States. Small towns or metro areas, commercial residential or acreage properties needs a health marketing plan.

Auctioneer Myers Jackson’s auction marketing strategies focus on exposing real estate and special assets for sale at auction through digital media campaigns.

Need a Marketing Plan for Florida Property Sales . The philosophy of using internet marketing to create web traffic for selling property, both online and offline, serves as the foundation of pre-packaged and customized marketing plans designed to fill market needs and reach marketing objectives.

* Florida Property Sales includes the Land Category: Acreage, Timber, Farmland, Pasture

* Florida Property Sales includes Waterfront: Luxury, Oceanside, Beach, River or Lake Properties

* Florida Property Sales includes Residential: Primary residence, 2nd homes, town or country

* Florida Property Sales includes Commercial: Metro or Rural Commercial Properties

If you’re a property owner interested in selling assets in a defined timeline or a professional Auctioneer looking for a strategic partner, Auctioneer Myers Jackson will share his knowledge and experience about how auctions and auction marketing is designed to work for you and your sale of Florida Property.

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