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Fundraising can be challenging. America’s Benefit Auctioneers can help organize your event. You have to get people excited about your cause. Myers Jackson and his many connections through America’s Land Auctioneers know how to get people interested! Auctions create a fun and competitive atmosphere where everyone wants to be the winner and are willing to bid highly to achieve it. Professional and accomplished auctioneers like Myers Jackson can add a fun new twist to your fundraising efforts. So do something new to benefit your cause, and bring in an experienced auctioneer!

America's Benefit AuctioneersMyers Jackson is a multiple time champion auctioneer with over 15 years of experience and countless numbers of successful auctions. He is highly accomplished and knows the industry inside and out . Myers Jackson is always able to bring his clients outstanding results. Turning your benefit into an auction can be an exciting take on fundraising that really gets people to want to bid and donate. Auctions are able to create an enjoyable and exhilarating atmosphere that will help you to motivate your donors to bid for an important cause. With an experienced auctioneer like Myers Jackson working with you, the ability to raise amazing amounts of donations is in your hands.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be done one way! The more excited you can get your donors the more they will want to donate to your cause. Using America’s Benefit Auctioneers are an extremely effective way to bring something different to the table and to increase the amount that you can raise for your cause. People love auctions for the great fun and entertainment they provide. Few things can get a crowd as truly excited like an auction can! Do something unique that will bring in more people in the future. Let the auction environment do the work for you, and watch what great results it provides for your fundraising with Myers Jackson as your auctioneer.

Factoid: America’s Benefit Auctioneers
Individuals gave more than $217 million in charitable contributions in 2011.

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