Myers Jackson Mississippi Real Estate Broker

Myers Jackson Mississippi Real Estate Broker

Myers Jackson Mississippi Real Estate Broker and licensed to conduct business anywhere in the State of Mississippi. Do you have a property that you wish to get top dollar for. Contact Myers Jackson.

Myers Jackson jumps right in. Into Real Estate that is. Being duly licensed to conduct business on the behalf of sellers that properly won real estate to include homes, land, waterfront property or luxury real estate.

Mississippi consists of more than 48 thousand square miles and Myers has been all over Mississippi. From the cross roads in Hattiesburg to Biloxi an all the way up to Hernando. Acres upon acres of lush green pastures or picturesque water views decorate the Magnolia State and Luxury homes adorn landscaped yards worthy of the best possible price.

Amid this acreage is Mississippi real estate for sale.  It might be a Mississippi lake front home.  Or it may even be a luxury Mississippi estate close to golfing. Perhaps even a Mississippi home to move and flip.  Whichever it may be, hiring a highly skilled real estate broker is imperative.

In fact, Mississippi real estate broker Myers Jackson #19971 is skilled.  Having nearly 20 years of real estate experience under his belt.  He has the knowledge necessary when it comes to selling real estate.  Be it commercial or residential.  Some states, such as Mississippi, require a real estate broker’s license in order to sell real estate at auction.  Whether only calling bids at a real estate auction or handling it from beginning to closing, both an auctioneers and a broker’s license are required.

Since Myers Jackson #19971 has both, he is available to help clients throughout the Hospitality State.

Now, during a real estate transaction there are necessary forms to examine and sign. Such as the Working with A Real Estate Broker Form.  Myers Jackson #19971 presents this form to the client at the first meeting. Together he and the client review this form prior to each party involved signing it.  Myers Jackson #19971 retains a copy for his files and provides the client a copy.

Of course this form contains important information for the client.  Including such topics as Buyer’s Agent and Seller’s Agent.  The difference in these is:

  • Buyer’s Agent

Buyers may consult with Myers Jackson #19971 requesting his representation. Upon such a time, Myers Jackson becomes duly obligated in many areas to the buyer and/or seller.  Those areas being in care, confidentiality, diligence, fiduciary duties, honesty and loyalty, to name a few.  Qualities of which indeed make up the person Myers Jackson #19971 is on and off of the bidding floor.

  • Seller’s Agent

Sellers can enlist Myers Jackson #19971 to locate buyers for property.  Myers

Jackson then becomes duly obligated in much the same way as when a Buyer’s Agent.  An       addition in this role is to disclose to the buyers anything affecting property value not already made aware to them.

Indeed this is just one of many forms involved in a Mississippi real estate transaction. However, Myers Jackson #19971 makes the entire process a smooth one.  From the first handshake to the final hammer of his Texas-size gavel. Hire a broker with years of experience and know how to help you sell your Mississippi real estate.  Myers Jackson #19971 is a broker with an unrivaled dedication to get your property #soldsoldsold!  Visit his website at https://myersjackson.com.  Or call him at 844-400-AUCTION, that’s 844-400-2828.  Follow him as he travels the country selling real estate at auction by downloading his free bidding app.  It is available for iPhone and Adroid in the app store.  Or go to https://myersjackson.hibid.com.  Be sure to allow push notifications.

mississippi real estate brokerMyers Jackson Mississippi Real Estate Broker